Community Heroes is a socially conscious business that envisions a world where people hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and for others.


We support organisations at the heart of disadvantaged communities to deliver lasting change for better lives.

We provide community groups, charities, public and private sector organisations with the expertise, experience and support they need to empower the individuals and communities they work with to make things better.

We are enablers and facilitators. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll give you the tools and support you need.


We have a social conscience and are passionate about social justice

We believe in empowerment and in encouraging everyone to achieve their potential

We believe everyone is different but equal

We are open, honest and transparent in everything we do

We provide meaningful, tailored support

We are non-judgemental


We value diversity and we recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and cultural experiences, and that this difference brings great strength. We are against any form of discrimination or exclusion.


Community Heroes aims to be carbon neutral through making better use of technology for virtual meetings and information sharing, minimising what we print and using public transport where possible. We also support economic sustainability through Social Value.


Community Heroes achieves Social Value through supporting local communities, using local suppliers and businesses, working better in partnership with local stakeholders, and providing pro-bono support.


We believe in ethical capitalism – “business with a higher purpose” - that creates social change. We provide pro-bono business development support to not-for-profit organisations working with the most disadvantaged people. Since January 2017 we have worked with a community sports facility to secure funding to improve their community engagement activities, supported a youth music charity to identify funding opportunities, and worked with an international education charity to scope UK/EU technical and vocational education and training markets.