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Fees policy
Third sector organisations
Fees policy

Our fees policy takes into account:

• Our desire to give all organisations a best value, bespoke service

• Recognition that the cost of quality consultancy can be a barrier to smaller groups and charities

We will always give you a fully costed proposal after discussing your needs with you in depth.

Retained services

Consultancy is never a cheap option but it can make organisational sense to only buy in business development support when you need it. To ensure that you have access to this support at a frequency that suits you, you may wish to consider engaging us on a retained basis – e.g. booking one or two days' support per month.


Our undiscounted day rate will depend on the types of services you require, the duration of the consultancy period and the complexity of the work.

We will always give you a fully costed proposal based on your needs. Once a fee has been agreed for a job, we will deliver for that price with no hidden extras.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs.

Third sector organisations

We provide discounted rates to third sector organisations with a turnover less than £250,000 per year.

We will provide pro-bono support to small third sector groups as part of our CSR activities.